WOSPPerformance WOSP Denso Super Duty High Output Alternator 320a Honda K-Series K20 K24

WOSPPerformance WOSP Denso Super Duty High Output Alternator 320a Honda K-Series K20 K24

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WOSPerformance LMA324SDHO K20/K24 Denso Alternator 320a - Super Duty High Output

A brand new ‘plug & play’ super-duty high output alternator with special rotor & stator windings and uprated rectifier in order to yield even higher power than the 175A LMA324HO. Ideal for high-revving applications as the compromise with yielding so much power from a small package is the output at low rpm.

The WOSP 300 series is based on the latest generation 100% OE Denso platform of super-efficient alternators. These race proven compact units offer the best size and power / weight ratio available and at far lower rpm than alternatives due to their patented design which enables them to offer up to 80% of their maximum output at average idle speeds catering for the large electrical loads usually found at this time. Similar to WOSP starter motors and dynators because WOSP CNC machine the bodies and mountings in-house, there is an unlimited amount of models available to suit universal race and specific applications from 95A-390A output peak!

With total in-house design, manufacture & testing on WOSP's custom built 600A / 20,000rpm test bench there is the ability to retro-fit one of the 300 series alternators in to almost any installation replacing aftermarket, obsolete, under-powered, or unreliable alternators without any modifications to the mounting arrangement or wiring harness.

  • 100% new OE genuine Denso based.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Twin internal fan for optimum cooling.
  • Warranted to 18,000rpm.
  • Vibration & electrical spike protection.
  • Uprated, anchored, potted and ruggedised components.
  • Supplied with electrical connections, looms, bolts & shims where applicable.
  • No compromise made on quality of components or units.
  • Available with different regulators / pin-outs including single wire connection (self-exciting & self regulating).
Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Voltage 12V DC -
Output Amps 320 a -
Connections B+ / IG / RLO / L / M -
Mounting Type PAD -
Mounting Points 3 -
Weight 5.3 kg 11.68 lb
Wiring Information

As standard, the WOSPerformance LMA324SDHO Alternators have the OEM female 4 pin plug fitted so no wiring is required.​

Terminal ID Use
B+ Battery 12V DC +
IG Ignition
RLO Computer Control
L Control Lamp
M Feedback
Performance Graph

LMA324 Performance graph