Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilovers Honda Civic Type R FK8 16-21

Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilovers Honda Civic Type R FK8 16-21

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Skunk2’s Pro-ST Coilover Kits: Engineered to racing specifications, tested and proven over decades on winning racing teams. Integrating the highest-level technologies into an affordable street-spec coilover, our systems are a perfect, affordable solution for your daily driven performance vehicle.


Built with daily driven sports cars in mind, our Pro-ST shock absorbers are shorter than factory, lowering the vehicle approximately 3-inches while still retaining full shock travel. This, coupled with the 12-way damping adjustability and stiffer springs, allows you to adjust to the perfect setting for the driving environment.


Large 52mm seamless carbon steel mono-tube shock bodies provide strength and provide room for a larger hydraulic piston and valves, more shock oil, and an enlarged nitrogen chamber. All of these upgrades add up to huge jumps in compression and rebound response, vastly improved handling characteristics, and extreme durability even in the harshest of conditions.


Externally, the shock bodies are threaded along their length to fit spring preload adjustment collars and the internally threaded lower shock mount and collar. This allows for independent changes in ride height and spring preload, giving the ability to tune each corner’s weight to achieve optimal 4-wheel corner balance without sacrificing ride quality. Additionally, the shock body and threads are protected from the elements with gold-colored zinc electroplating and the lower shock mount is powder coated.


After rigorous testing, we chose to fit linear rate springs instead of progressive. Featuring spring rates of 10kg/mm up front and 8kg/mm in the rear, the linear spring offers more consistency under all different measures of weight loading while cornering and hitting bumps. This offers the most predictable vehicle feedback in all driving situations. Each 2.5-inch spring is made from the highest quality AE9254V Chrome Vanadium forged specifically to work with our oil-nitrogen filled strut to provide the greatest possible balance of street and track performance.


Each Pro-ST coilover features a machined, knurled knob at the top of the shock shaft. The 12-way adjustment variation gives you complete control over the ride quality and handling of your vehicle. This allows adjustment for street or track use and everything in between in a matter of seconds, without removing a wheel.


A suspension system is only as strong as its mount to the chassis, so all Pro-ST kits include aluminum, CNC machined, anodized top mounts for maximum strength and protection from the elements. High quality polyurethane bushings are included to keep precise handling and feedback while retaining a cushier feel for the street. Additionally, a padded spring seat at the top and nylon thrust washers at the bottom of each spring reduces friction to eliminate noises from spring bind commonly found in many coilover systems.


• Lower Vehicle Stance

• Progressive Track Tuning

• Performance Street Comfort

• Strong 52mm Seamless Carbon Steel Shock Body

• Mono-Tube Damper with High Pressure Nitrogen

• Synthetic Shock Oil

• 12-way Adjustable Precision Damper Valving from Street to Track

• Chrome Vanadium SAE9254V-Spec Racing Springs

• Independently Adjustable Ride Height and Spring Preload

• Spanner Wrenches Included

• Strong, Anodized Tophats

• Linear 10kg/mm F / 8kg/mm R springs