Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilover Shocks 17-20 Honda Civic Si

Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilover Shocks 17-20 Honda Civic Si

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Skunk2 Racing’s Pro ST Coilovers kits are engineered as the best 12-Way adjustable suspension system on the market at a price point you can afford making the Pro-ST the perfect balance between price, performance and comfort.

For driving enthusiast looking for track-control adjustability without sacrificing ride quality on the street, the PRO ST Coilovers feature shortened shock bodies and shafts that lower your vehicle approximately 3 inches below factory ride height, yet maintain proper suspension travel. The Pro ST Coilover system is more progressive over stock for performance, yet is tunable from street to track with easy to use 12-way adjustable dampener position valves.

The Skunk2 PRO ST Coilover system utilizes advanced motorsport shock technology featuring large 52mm seamless carbon steel mono-tube bodies that provide strength and volume both for the internal components as well as extra durability at the track where vehicle demands are much more greater than street use. The larger mono-tube body is used to accommodate larger piston and valves, larger volume of shock oil and larger nitrogen chamber capacity that dramatically improved handling and cornering performance with lap-after-lap durability.

The 52mm mono-tub shock bodies are threaded to allow enthusiast to quickly and precisely set the ride-height and preload adjustments to compensate for different corner weights to improve the vehicle’s handling response, cornering ability, stability, and balance for complete vehicle balance and feel, ALL without sacrificing comfort or performance by compressing the spring. (Spanner wrenches included). Each PRO-ST full-length treaded body is built for performance and endurance with a gold colored Zinc protective electroplating on the thread-body for smooth adjustments and protection against the elements, with the mono-tube lower mounts powder coated to protect against the elements as well.

Springs do the heavy lifting and are the muscles of a suspension kit. The Skunk2 Pro ST Coilover kit comes equipped with a liner rate spring vs a progressive rate spring as we have found through all of our prior motorsports pursuits, the liner spring works best for consistent ‘spring-power” where weight is always a major factor. The Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilover kit are equipped with 2.5” width CNC rolled AE9254V coils with spring rates of 10 kg/mm (front) and 08 kg/mm (rear), specifically design for this application, tuned to work in concert with the oil-nitrogen filled strut, striking a balanced between street-comfort and spirited circuit driving.

Suspension adjustability of the PRO-ST is designed to accommodate a wide range of driving conditions with twelve predetermined dampening settings; from Soft to Firm with the use of the 12-Way adjustable dampening knob located at the top of the shock shaft. With the PRO-ST you can tune for daily-driven street comfort, dial in to track-attack, and re-adjust back for the drive home with 12-Way adjustable machine knurled knob located at the top of the shock, thus positioned under the hood for easy access.

The Pro ST CNC Machined Top Mounts provide the extra strength needed and are anodized for protection, yet for street application the machined mount houses polyurethane bushings for maximum performance and feel, while maintaining “streetability.” A padded spring seat sits under the top mount to reduce road noise with Nylon thrust washers located at the bottom of the spring to reduce spring friction under steering movement to aid against spring-binding-noise associated with most coilovers.

Skunk2 suspension components are based off of over two decades of our experiences in professional road racing and drag racing. Our suspension components are designed to enhance the overall handling response and cornering performance of your vehicle. Whether your vehicle is set up for daily street driving, weekend track-days, or pure racing, the key to Skunk2’s suspension performance and unsurpassed ride quality is the vast experience in a wide range of race and street applications combined with advanced technology that is engineered into every component combined with real world track testing and road testing.


• Lower Vehicle Stance

• Progressive Track Tuning

• Performance Street Comfort

• Strong 52mm Seamless Carbon Steel Shock Body

• Mono-Tube Damper with High Pressure Nitrogen

• Synthetic Shock Oil

• 12-way Adjustable Precision Damper Valving From Street To Track

• Chrome Vanadium SAE9254V-Spec Racing Springs

• Adjustable Ride Height Without Changing Spring Rate

• Spanner Wrenches Included

• Adjustable Spring Preload. Spring Rates (Front / Rear): 8 kg/mm / 5 kg/mm.