Hasport K-Swap EG Lean Mounts 94A

Hasport K-Swap EG Lean Mounts 94A

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The forward lean K series engine has long been considered necessary to be competitive in an “all motor” series drag car. However, you need most HP per dollar for the best performing K-Series side exit header. That is why Skunk2 Racing has introduced our ultimate Free Flowing, 4-1 K-Series Side Exit and Hood Exit Race Header. This single kit, PN 412-05-2000, has all the components you need for the option of having a Side Exit or a Hood Exit Header installation.

This incomparable header is engineered to produce a broad powerband starting with equal length Primary Tubes, then optimized using our proven step design which capitalizes on the true merge collector and finishes with an exacting choke point to achieve that optimal powerband. This Skunk2 Racing header is proven for powerful 500+hp engines, particularly with strokes from 99-108, and constructed to last with meticulously Tig Welded 304 Stainless Steel - for that run-after-run performance.

Currently, the Skunk2 Racing Header fits EG, DC2, and EK chassis with Hasport Lean Mounts. If you do not already have “lean mounts,” we have you covered as you can order Hasport Lean Mount kits at the same time.

If you are racing a forward lean “K” series engine in the “All Motor” class, you need this header!


4-1 304 Stainless Steel K-Series Side Exit and Hood Exit Race Header
Built and Proven for up to 500+hp and 10,500+rpm
Equal Length Primary Tubes for Broad Powerband
True Merged Collector
Perfect for the Ultimate 99mm Stroke up to and Including that Big Boy 108mm
Tig Welded
V-band Connection for Hood or Side Exit Pipe
Designed for Hasport Lean Mounts in EG, DC2 and EK