Skunk2 Pro Stance Front Camber Kit Red 92-95 Honda Civic EG/DC2

Skunk2 Pro Stance Front Camber Kit Red 92-95 Honda Civic EG/DC2

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Skunk2 Pro Stance front adjustable upper control arms is the evolution of the Pro Series camber kit with a re-engineered cage angle reduction. Skunk has reduced the cage angle by 6 degrees, re-positioned the mounting area outward ultimately decreasing the stress on the ball joint thus increasing ball joint life. Each Pro Stance Camber Kit includes Skunk2’s one-piece forged Pro Series Ball Joints, which feature low-profile top plates for additional clearance between themselves and the shock towers, higher clamping loads for no-slip performance, and a unique design that allows for maximum adjust-ability. Skunk2 ‘s zinc plated Pro Series ball joints can also be adjusted from the bottom up which allows for quicker and easier adjustments—especially on lowered vehicles with shortened shock bodies. In addition to improved ride characteristics and reduced tire wear on lowered vehicles, Skunk2's proprietary design helps reduce structural fatigue and failure commonly associated with other camber adjustment kits. Powder coated finish for durability. Skunk2’s Camber Kits are the number one choice of many professional race teams, including Honda’s own factory road race cars, since 1997.



-Finish for durability

-Zinc-Plated Components

-Engineered Cage Angle Reduction decreases stress on and increases life of the ball-joint

-Mounting Point moved inward to increase shock tower clearance

Note: OEM upper control arm anchor bushings + brace must be reused on this camber kit.